Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GWG Holdings, Inc.

Jon Sabes is an accomplished business leader and financial services professional, currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of GWG Holdings, Inc. in Minneapolis. Co-founded by Mr. Sabes in 2006, GWG Holdings is an investment company that focuses on purchasing life insurance policies. Jon Sabes’ diverse responsibilities include spearheading business development initiatives, reviewing the company’s financials, and overseeing staffing and marketing. In addition to his work with GWG Holdings, he currently serves as CEOof MedFinance, a company specializing in healthcare finance and casualty insurance.

Recently, Jon Sabes also served as Chairman of the hedge fund Three Hills Management, LLC, and worked as a Senior Advisor to Skyride Technologies, LLC, and Out-Source Media Group, LLC. Earlier in his career, he gained experience in the financial management industry as a tax consultant with Ernst & Young.

Beyond his career interests in the financial industry, Jon Sabes maintains an active leadership role with a number of charitable organizations. He currently serves as a founding board member of the Insurance Studies Institute, as well as Saving Children, Building Families.

In his personal life, he enjoys spending time with his three children and participating in competitive sporting events. An accomplished endurance athlete, he competes in triathlons and cross-country skiing events. He has finished two Ironman competitions.

Educated at the University of Colorado, Jon Sabes completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He went on to earn a Juris Doctor at the University of Minnesota Law School. His professional affiliations include earning a membership to the American Bar Association and the Minnesota Bar Association, and completing several securities licenses.